The purpose of this blog is for readers to meet some authors and learn stuff. Please help spread the word.


For authors with a forthcoming book:

This is a simple way to let potential readers know about your new book–and to give them an efficient, entertaining lesson in something you happen to know about.

If you are a writer with a book coming out in the next 1 to 2 months (fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction), and would like to be featured on this site,  just send an email to authorsteachingstuff@gmail.com with:

  • Your name (as you want it to appear)
  • Your web address (if you have one–either to your homepage or the book’s page)
  • A brief biography (max. 75 words)
  • The title of your forthcoming book, date of publication, publisher, and one link to a place where the book can be purchased (a favorite bookseller, your publisher, whatever)
  • A brief description of your book (like dust jacket copy, but short: max. 100 words)
  • Your book’s cover image

Finally, and most importantly…

In no more than 250 words, please teach us something. Something practical or not, amazing or less so. How to get an edge at rock-paper-scissors, or a tip about parallel parking. Anything, really, so long as you really know about it. It does not need to connect to your book in any way. Ideally, the thing you teach won’t be related to writing. (You are primarily targeting readers, not other writers.) And probably stay away from recipes, lest the blog become a cookbook.

Be creative. Have fun. Query me first if you prefer to run a couple of ideas by me. No need, though. Just please stick to the word limits (I’ll proofread your work before posting, but will not edit for length, so any submission that’s too long won’t be considered). If your post is selected for the blog, I will do my best to post it during the first two weeks of your book’s release date. (No guarantees, etc.)

For now, full-length books only, and no self-published books.

Any questions, just email me at authorsteachingstuff@gmail.com.

Many thanks!


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